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A continually improving safety record.

Cyclone Drilling has one of the best safety records in the oil and gas industry. And we’re still taking steps to improve it. In the last few years the company has redoubled its efforts to enhance safety including adding initiatives that reduce hand and finger injuries, improve driver safety, eliminate dropped objects and reduce risk during lifts.

Cyclone is also an IADC accredited training provider and utilizes SafelandUSA orientation to insure that new Cyclone employees have a predictable level of skill before being assigned to a rig. Every Cyclone rig also maintains a strict safety program which includes the use of job safety analysis, hazard identification, stop work authority, standardized rig inspections and pre-tour safety meetings.

Cyclone also recently opened a new training center that includes safety training. This is expected to further improve the company’s safety record, which is now better than many of our peers and routinely exceeds the average established by the IADC.

About us

For over 40 years Cyclone Drilling, Inc. has taken pride in providing clients with rigs that put safety and performance first. We realize that clients want safe rigs that perform.


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