Safety and Health

RigPassAt Cyclone Drilling Inc., safety is our top priority. Safety drives everything we do from policy creation to rig design; set-up to tear-down. Our two-tier approach allows us the ability to not only train for hazards but to eliminate them completely through design.

SafeLandUsaCyclone Drilling with our IADC training provider accreditation proactively provides all personnel with SafelandUSA orientation training prior to reporting for field work. This internationally recognized orientation training lays a foundation of safety that can be built upon once a team member reaches the rig site.

After SafelandUSA training is complete, employees enter into our "New to Cyclone" short-service employee program. This interactive program introduces each employee to our multi-layer safety environment in a highly visible and supervised manner.

Each of our 28 current rigs maintains a strict safety program which includes the use of job safety analysis, hazard identification, stop work authority, regular standardized rig inspections, and pre-shift safety meetings.

Our check and balance process enlists the services of third-party rig inspection to ensure that our internal inspection processes are maintained to the highest level. To maintain compliance, Cyclone Drilling also invites OSHA to perform courtesy inspections on our rigs.

Our proactive approach towards maintaining high safety standards as well as continual improvement of incident rates reflects our organization's ongoing efforts toward providing the safest work environment we can for our employees and the clients we serve.

Our Safety motto is "Nobody Gets Hurt... Nothing is More Important!!!" and through proper implementation and management of our safety policies and procedures we will continue to provide all of our employees with a work environment that lives up to this standard.